Cookies bakery

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, which the website you are using transfers to your device (computer, phone or tablet). They are useful for users since they include information that improve the user experience. Cookies don’t collect your personal data and don’t enable the identification of the website user.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are downloaded to your computer when you visit the website for the first time. They make the user experience on the website more pleasant, efficient and individualized. Cookies store information about geographical and linguistic settings, the content of your shopping basket and advertising preferences. The website owner gets information about the number of website visitors, most read content and most popular functionalities. Based on this information, the website owner can improve their website and make it more user friendly.

Types of cookies

Session cookies are temporary – they are not saved on your computer but are deleted every time you close your browser.

Persistent cookies remain saved on your computer after you close your browser. They are used to store information about registration, website language settings, web traffic analysis etc. They can remain on your computer for days, months or even years.

First-party cookies come from the website that the user is on, and can be either temporary or persistent. The website uses these cookies to save information which it can use again the next time you visit.

Third-party cookies come from other partner websites, which for example show ads or measure traffic on the website you are visiting. Third parties can use these cookies to collect data about users from different websites and use them for marketing, analysis, product improvement, etc.

Cookie Source Cookie Name Location Purpose Expiration time
Desert Soul .tt-ds-website All pages Improved experience of registered user 1 year
Desert Soul .tt-wp-anonymous All pages Improved experience of registered user /
Desert Soul AllowCookies All pages Cookie settings 1 year
Desert Soul _ga, _gat, _gid All pages Website traffic tracking and analysis (Google Analytics) 2 years, 1 day, 1 day

Disabling cookies in the web browser

Disabling cookies from other sources