Not only did we done a couple of dirt-biking adventures this year; recently, we have also completed our first desert cycling. As the chief of the Garde Nationale post at Ksar Ghilane commented, we've been the first group to have cycled there from Douz.

The route has crossed a variety of different landscapes; from a salt lake crossing to a 700-metre ascent into desert mountains; from cycling through date-palm groves to playing in the dunes (and yes, it's even possible to cycle in the dunes!) ; from a weekly market in the town to relaxing in a thermal pool; from star-scattered night sky above us while surrounded by sand-dunes, to a descent through olive groves towards the touristy island of Jerba.

Excellent reports from our adventure were made by Matej Zalar for Even if you don't read Slovenian, you can check his photos on the following links:

In February, our traditional Enduro Adventure will be taking place followed by another Cycling Adventure. You can find our Adventures programmes on this link.

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