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Tuareg 22 218

Next edition:

20th - 27th March 2020, Algeria

The FIA license is not required to take part in the rally.

Tuareg Rallye website: http://www.tuareg-rallye.com/

We provide Tuareg Rallye Assistance for motorcycle, quad, buggy and car racers, which includes:

  • bikes, quads, buggies and cars transportation from the Balkan and central European countries to the rally location, (A)
  • transportation of your luggage and spare parts, provided by you, (A)
  • Tuareg Rallye Assistance: fuel, compressed air, tools and workshop, sun-screens and night-lighting, (A)
  • fuelling when needed (fuel cost not included), compressed air, tools and workshop, sun-screens and night-lighting, tents and sleeping mats (but not the sleeping bags), help with bikes maintenance and repairs, (A)
  • Algerian visa invitation letter, (A)
  • Tuareg Rallye registration, (B)
  • physiotherapist (depending on the agreement), (C)
  • mechanic (depending on the agreement), (D)
  • air ticket. (E)


Our competitive all-inclusive packages rates for motorcycles:

(A): 1.300,00 eur

(B): 2.260,00 eur

(C): 500,00 eur

(D): 500,00 eur

(E): please send us inquiry

(A) quad transportation supplement: 600 eur.


For further information, buggy and car Rallye Tuareg Assistance rates, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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