testimonial2An unforgettable experience, always remembered with joy. Desert impressions get imprinted deep into the memories and all person that hasn't experienced that, missed something in their life. 

~ Robert Brajdih

testimonial2There are things you dream of in your life and those you make true. Tilen, thank you for doing the following... you made my yeras-long dreams true... that is, to conquer the desert! Tunisia 2012 will remain in my memories for ever while looking forward to my next expedition in your organization, Tilen. :) 

~ Rožle Rogelj

testimonial2You have two options: the first one is to lay on the couch and do same thing every day... And since this first option is in no way interesting, you choose the second one: you call Tilen, board one of his vehicles and make yourself theexperience of your life :) Africa rules. :) 

~ Marko Miloševič

testimonial2One unforgettable journey through the desert. We experienced a lot of beautiful, new things. With an excellent team and an even better leader. Simply unforgettable! 

~ Dorjan Birsa

testimonial2When nothing goes right, go left! But in the desert there's only "right"! Amazing job, Desert Soul team! 

~ NN

testimonial2It was indeed an awesome experience cycling through the desert. A true experience - this wind that was always blowing in the wrong direction ;), this sand that reaches the last corner of your clothes and body, a ride across the salt lake. In the evening, you get paid off with the absolute silence in the middle of nowhere, only dunes surrounding you... There were also stones and some serious climbs, close encounters with thorn-trees, and patching the tubes. All that comes with discovering that wild nature on a bicycle ;). A true break from this crazy world of ours. Unforgettable... 

~ Tina

testimonial2Pushing the pedals across the picturesque desert tracks and dunes, a short trip through thorny bushes, an oasis with the welcoming warm pool, absolute silence (broken only by some scarce lonely mopedist), colourful bazaars, perfect company, evening chats sipping tea at a fire-place, a view of the star-scattered sky... I could find more impressions that made a truly excellent cycling holidays. 

~ Vid


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