Have you ever wondered if you could rent a dirt bike (enduro bike) in Central Europe and go off-roading even if you didn't have your own bike? Or if shipping yours from USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan or any other overseas country would simply prove too complicated or even impossible? A solution is provided by your Desert Soul Adventures team, renting the SWM RS 300 R and RS 500 R motorbikes in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Apart of flying directly to the Ljubljana airport, you can use the Venice, Trieste, Klagenfurt or Zagreb airports as your less-than-two-hours distant arrival entry points.

As of 2019, all our rental motorbikes are also equipped with the TUbliss tyre system. Never heard of it? Well, it basically eliminates inner tube punctures and thus the puncture related delays, while increasingly adding to traction since you can ride on a lower tyre pressure all the time. You can read more about it on the TUbliss web page.

TUbliss rim protection

We're also eager to test the new Michelin Tracker street-legal motocross tyres that will be the next sets mounted on all our motorbikes, testing them on our off-road motorcycle tours in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as on a completely different ground on our guided motorbike tours in Slovenia and Bosnia.

Michelin Tracker Desert Soul

So, apart of just renting one of our motorbikes in Slovenia and doing a tour on your own, baybe even in Croatia, you can also rent our SWM bikes and join us on our fascinating guided tours in the Sahara and in the Balkans.



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Different. Special. Unforgettable.


Afford yourself a crazy experience

in the dunes and oasis.


With us, you'll live a true adventure.


Years of experience in the Sahara and in conventional tourism.


You'll get a highly professional service.


Activities between November and March.



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testimonial2An unforgettable experience, always remembered with joy. Desert impressions get imprinted deep into the memories and all person that hasn't experienced that, missed something in their life.

~ Robert Brajdih

testimonial2There are things you dream of in your life and those you make true. Tilen, thank you for doing the following... you made my yeras-long dreams true... that is, to conquer the desert! Tunisia 2012 will remain in my memories for ever while looking forward to my next expedition in your organization, Tilen. :) 

~ Rožle Rogelj

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3. - 13. Jan. 2018 Tunisia Enduro

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