Did you expect Desert Soul to slowly hit the road and drive northwards to Ajdabiya and then to Tripoli? To be honest, the plans were more daring, but since I had some problems with the truck (later they proved to be a trivial issue that triggered a chain reaction and it actually wasn't as bad as it seemed at first) I didn't cross the desert to Waw an-Namus and on to Sabha (approximately 1.000 km without any settlements), but first only 150 km to the oasis of Rebiana, then 220 km to the north to Tazerbu, and finally another 350 km to Zelten. The last stage was pretty unpleasant due to a desert storm that unnecessarily pushed me into the dunes (low visibility and poor map) which then accompanied me till the next morning.

Moments before the sand storm pushed in I also got stuck like never before. I've got no idea on the whereabouts of my scarf I had been using in similar occasions in the past, but God I was missing it while shovelling the sand. Westerly wind (left side of the truck) was blowing sand into my back, my face, my eyes. While I was freeing the right wheels, the flying sand silted up half of what I had dug out around the left wheels. There was no time for rest. But as I hadn't freed the truck as I should have for the first time, nor for the second or the third, I had to dig four times which took me two hours. After the knife and the winch I was also forced to use sand plates on this journey. You can see how tyres, deflated to 0,8 and 1,1 bar, look like.

We'll get back to the Rebiana oasis. It is related to things that deserve to be told in the last post in this block. And the photos from there will also conclude the story in a nicer way than traffic lights at Misurata.