While taking out my camera, Selim passed by to take away his Mercedes truck, parked a few metres away. It looks like he was equally intrigued by my Iveco as I was by his 400 HP Mercedes.

Well, this was also the last story from the desert. I reached Tripoli by road the next afternoon after going mad with Gloria Estefan which I had been listening since that desert storm. I stopped at Misurata, took the car radio out, disassembled it and cleared it of sand with compressed air and finally got the CD out. Perpetuum Jazzile marched in. A true balsam for the ears in the middle of Libya.

I am writing you this from Tunisia on February 24th. Before returning to Libya I'll probably spend a week or two here. The next post with the images from the Rebiana oasis will conclude this story. If anything interesting happens in Tunisia, you'll read about it.