Part of the activities of the expedition that has been actively prepared since a year and a half ago after being shaped in my head for another year and a half, will be donation of second-hand computers to schools on the edge of the Sahara. Where internet access is not guaranteed, we'll establish that as well. Schools in the Sahara will be connected to those in Slovenia and Spain (if any other is interested, will be also welcome) through a web tool. Interaction, promoting learning of other languages and direct contact with different cultures will be triggered by a common task that will bring all the pupils onto the same forum.

I paid a visit to the schools in Kufra and Rebiana - a part of Libya that is due to the infrastructure and the distances the remotest spot in Libya - to learn about the real needs of the schools and the feasibility and sensefulness of the donations. Apart of the computers and web access they are also in need of furniture and schematic posters for teaching, while the cshool at Rebiana would also need energetic independence. When the fuel is late, the generator, giving power to the whole village, only runs from 6 pm till 1 am.

If you think you could help the expedition by donating and you are interested in learning more about this international project, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the same time, Desert Soul is growing beyond its "one-man band" limitations.