In our expedition of five Noise and Bladzo took the front seats of the Land cruiser, Tomos is behind the wheel of the LC8 Adventure, Climber is in Super Tenera and I'm in the LC4 Adventure. We're being escorted by a Land cruiser HZJ78, with driver Omar, tourist police officer Ali, and the current local guide Abd er-Rahman. Their Toyota is loaded with their own petrol, plus a 200 litre tank for the bikers, water, trash, some food etc.

The road from Ghadames to Al-Aweinat took us three and a half days of leisure journey, our first and last day we drove with speed ranging from about 70 to 110 km/h. We're talking rocky desert now, with sections of rough sand and on our last day a sifty feche-feche that made our lives a living hell. When the bike gets caught in truck tracks, all you can do is hit the gas all the way and try to control the handlebars. The second and third day we struggled through the dunes, but the recent rain made the ride relatively trouble-free. We took a day off today in Ghat, did the necessary works on our bikes and
took a walk in the old part of town (in shorts and T-shirts). Photos are yet to come, but first some highlights of the last couple of days:

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