21. August 2015

Home again

Every single thing reaches its end. And so did our adventure. With lots of great memories... Libija 2006/Spet doma/
21. August 2015

Exploring the Akakus area

Our second four-day stage took us south of Ghat (see photos), to the Algerian border (in the photo below) and further southeast to Akakus mountains, which is where most of…
21. August 2015


My dear readers: seeing that you're bound to get a more extensive report later, that we worked pretty hard out there, and that the keyboard in this place is filled…
21. August 2015

Freezing on the bikes

Loads of interesting things, of which I'll speak later. For the time being, let me just say that we’re in Ghadames, that it's been raining up until today, that we…
21. August 2015

Adventure started

Adventure, which will take us from Italian port of Genoa by ferry to Tunis, from where we'll head for Libyan deserts... Originally posted in Slovene on the leading Slovenian bikers'…

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