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Which destinations does Desert Soul Adventures cover?

  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • mid-future: Jordan
  • from 2019 on: Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia
  • distant future: Oman

Which activities does Desert Soul Adventures cover?

We only deal with adventure tourism. If suggested, other activities can be added, but currently we only organize tours including:

  • dirt biking (enduro motorcycles)
  • mountain biking
  • running
  • rally assistance worldwide

How long are the tours, counted in days?

  • Morocco 14 days; Tunisia dirt biking 11 days, MTB 12 days, running 12 days.

Can the tours be shortened if the time is an issue?

  • Yes, the tours can be shortened: both cycling tours, down to 9 days, and dirt biking in Morocco down to 8 days. Dirt biking in Tunisia cannot be shortened due to its already modest duration of 11 days.
  • We though highly discourage the clients to book a shortened tour because of two reasons: due to more complex logistics it's not much cheaper than the whole tour and may involve strange departure times, plus you leave the rest of the group in the middle of the tour, thus missing the whole story. It is recommended only if really time is an issue.

When are the tours organized?

  • In North Africa & Middle East generally from October/November to March/April when the weather conditions are at their best for our activities. In Central Europe, we are active from April/May till September/October.

Can you organize the tours also in other dates? Can you prepare a shorter or longer custom-made tour?

  • Yes, we can. If there's a group with specific time, location and activity-related wishes, we can tailor the tour to your wishes as long as we feel absolutely competent in the activity and geographical area chosen.

What are Desert Soul Adventures' strong points that differentiate you from the rest of the market?

  • We combine true adventure with professional tourism service-level.
  • We have almost two decades of experience in true non-tourist desert adventure and dirt bike riding, lifetime cycling and running experience, and more than 20 years of experience in professional tourism (package tours, incentives, F.I.T.s, air-tickets, etc.).
  • We only do what we're absolutely confident with and we do it with passion.
  • In Central Europe, we have an unmatched fleet of different 4x4 trucks, fit for desert and other on & off-road tourism and assistance tasks.
  • Unlike other tourist agencies, we really take you far into the core of whatever you came for – the desert or a forest – to really experience it.
  • Unlike adventure clubs, we prepare a true adventure experience with professional-class service for you. All our staff are experienced tourism professionals with a feel for the adventure so you can expect a professional client service from the moment you get in touch with us till you're safely back home.
  • We're small enough and our groups are small enough to give each client the individual attention you deserve.

What's the accommodation on Desert Soul Adventures tours like?

  • In Tunisia, we mainly sleep in tents, provided by the Desert Soul service. A two-person tent is given to each client for the duration of the tour, so there's also enough space for the clothes and personal luggage. A couple, for instance, is offered two tents. Every now and then, we spend a night at a camp site. The other nights are spent out in the desert to experience a true desert crossing with no phone signal nor light pollution. The last night(s) is spent in the hotel to prepare for the flight home. There's usually slightly more hotel overnights on running and cycling adventures than when dirt biking.
  • In Morocco, we only use charming hotels, mainly opened in former fortresses, built of adobe.

What clothes, gear and equipment do I have to take on the tour myself?

  • only in Tunisia, a sleeping bag (tents and inflatable mattresses are provided by us),
  • full personal (protective) gear needed for the activity (running, cycling or dirt biking) which includes re-hydration equipment – a camelbak for enduro riders and a bottle or a camelbak for cyclists,
  • a bicycle or a motorbike, if not rented from us, has to be delivered to us in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the specified date if not agreed otherwise. Other agreements may be: our pick-up & drop-off at a different location (may involve additional costs), or your own organization to present yourself with a ready-to-run vehicle on Day 1 of the tour on destination. Only 1 bicycle or 1 motorbike per paid participant is transported from Europe to the destination by us. Additional-vehicle transportation is cost-related and dependent on the space availability on a given tour.
  • leisure clothes for off-the-activity time; what to bring along and what to leave at home will be explained in reasonable detail in our e-mail, sent to you after you have booked our tour.

What is the length of the daily stages and what overall distance do we cover throughout the tour?

  • MTB tours' typical daily stages are from 35 to 70 km long; the actual length depends on the ascent gradient, daily overall elevation gain, and type of surface. Occasionally, the stages on our regular tours can be individually extended for more demanding cyclists that ask for more exertion. In Tunisia, we usually cover between 400 and 500 km overall, and in Morocco, between 700 and 800 km. The overall distance depends on each group's capabilities and weather conditions (i.e. sun, wind). Depending on the circumstances, the distance is usually covered between 8:30 AM and sunset with occasional arrivals to the overnight location already in mid-afternoon. Daily activity is typically interrupted with breaks for snacks, sightseeing or for enjoying beautiful views. It's not a race, but neither is it an easy ride to the nearby coffee-shop.
  • Enduro stages vary from 60 to 300 km per day. The length depends on terrain type and our ability to overcome it. The total distance covered in Tunisia is roughly 1.000 km with 25 engine hours, in Morocco around 2.000 km with 40 engine hours.

Am I fit enough, do I have the necessary skill to take part in the adventure? What if I only find out I'm not fit for it while already on the tour?

  • None of our activities is meant for everybody from 9 to 99 years nor from 50 to 150 kg since our aim is to keep a relatively decent activity-level standard, however:
  • we do adapt to each cycling group's fitness level and to each person's fitness level,
  • in case of a difficult stage for somebody, our assistance vehicles will pick you and your bike up and bring you to the next hotel/bivouac; in case the vehicle can not follow our route, an alternative cycling route will be tailored for you on the vehicle's path,
  • the oldest person so far cycling on our tours was 66 years old and had no problems, performing better than many younger ones,
  • Generally speaking, if you're a fit person and regularly exercising, you're fit enough to get through the whole tour – probably not among the fastest ones, but it's not a race and we leave nobody behind.
  • We try to take care of both the fastest & strongest ones by individually extending certain stages for them if requested where possible, and of the slowest and/or weakest by making it possible for them to shorten the stage.
  • Enduro tours in Tunisia require a biker with excellent road-riding experience, but preferably with some off-road/enduro experience as well. Dirt bike tours in Morocco are technically more demanding and the riders have to be comfortable with some basic enduro skills. If you're normally venturing into the local woods, then you're more than competent for all our tours. For Tunisia, experience on gravel is enough. The rest can be learned on the tour.
  • To gain more off-road experience prior to the tour, we also organize enduro week-end workshops in Croatia, generally from November to March.

What kind of bike or motorbike do I need in order to take part?

  • If you rent a bike from us, we’ll take care of bringing an appropriate vehicle for your activity to the tour start. It will be a hard-tail Deore-equipped MTB (Focus, KTM or Ghost) or a hard enduro 300-500 cc motorbike.
  • A mountain bike is a must on all our cycling adventures. Trekking bikes are not suitable for the type of stress they will be exposed to.
  • A hard-enduro motorbike (under 150 kg) is highly suggested while we discourage you from taking a motocross bike, although we will not prevent you from doing so. The advantages of a hard-enduro bike are that it’s fitted with lights that are not planned to be used, but after all, it's an adventure and you never know; the gearing has faster ratios, on fast stages a constant speed of 80 km/h is appreciated; it has a fan that is very welcome in the dunes if you lack good riding technique; it generally has an e-starter which you will also be very thankful for in the dunes; its fuel tank is generally larger thus allowing to cover longer distances without having to carry your fuel in the backpack.

I would like to fly out of a UK, Swedish, German or Swiss airport, for instance. Can you help me with the plane tickets?

  • Yes, we can. Not only can we suggest you what flight to take, we can also take care of the entire search & purchase process and include you the air-ticket in our final quotation.

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~ Rožle Rogelj

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