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Desert Soul Adventures is proud to announce our guided enduro motorbike desert off-road tour in Algeria. The country has been for the last decades unfortunately infamous for its security issues in certain parts of its territory. The logical consequence was that certain areas suffered travel restrictions for foreigners and it has become almost impossible to even enter this vast and charming country and ride on a motorbike around. But the security has improved over the last years and the authorities have turned on a green light for tourism again, guaranteeing our safety. And so, organized guided and supported enduro dirt bike motorcycle tours are possible again in Algeria.

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Our enduro motorbike tour will start and end in the town of Djanet in south-eastern Algeria and cover the area of the amazing Tadrart Rouge, which is the Algerian extension of the famous Libyan Akakus Mountains, and the Tassili n'Ajjer National park. Along the approximately 700 km, ridden across 8 days on the motorcycle, we will enjoy some superb desert sand riding and be amazed by the incredible beauty of the rock formations that meet sky-high dunes of mostly yellow and red colour.

Tassili n'Ajjer National park is also famous for its prehistoric rock engravings and paintings, dating back as much as 12.000 years. Among several stops during our daily stages on the motorbike tour in Algeria to get aware of the moment and feel the beauty and tranquility of the desert, we will also discover some of the engravings and paintings of ancient fauna that existed here before 5.000 BC when the present-day desert was still a savanna: crocodiles, elephants, gazelles, rhinos, giraffes etc.

Check the fantastic photos in the day-by-day itinerary and book your fabulous enduro motorbike tour in Algeria today.

DAY-BY-DAY itinerary


Day 1: Arrival to DJANET

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If arriving from abroad, you will most definitely choose a flight to Algeria's capital Algiers (Alger in French - IATA: ALG). From there, take the Air Algerie flight to Djanet (IATA: DJG) where we will meet you and all the other tour members at the airport and take you to our Djanet hotel. When the flights for the concerned period are published, all the booked participants will receive the information about which flight to Djanet to take.

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After accommodating in the hotel and relaxing with a drink or two, a motorbike tour briefing with your guide and our local guide will take place. The bikes rental documentation will be sorted out on that occasion as well and rental bikes handed over. Time permitting, we will ride to the downtown and get a feeling of this part of the world. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.


Day 2: DJANET – el berdj

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In the morning, we will really start our enduro motorcycle desert tour and leave the “civilisation” by driving to the desert. We will already see the first rock engravings on this day.

We will stop our motorbikes for lunch at a beautiful spot in the desert and later continue towards the gorge of El Berdj which will be reached in the afternoon.

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Our camp will be set up at this magical place, surrounded by rock paintings and engravings. Our local cook will prepare us our first desert dinner here. And he'll keep doing it until we finish our supported desert enduro tour in the Tassili n'Ajjer area of Algeria.


Day 3: el berdj – wan taberkat – moulanaga

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This day will be our grand entry into the world of impressively high and soft dunes. After a good day on the motorbikes, in late afternoon we will set our bivouac at the foot of the famous Moulanaga dune.

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14th to 23rd January 2021 - 10 days
Algeria - Tassili n'Ajjer
2040 eur
+ motorbike rental upon request:
from 1000 eur all incl.




A valid driver's license is required to take part in our Adventure on the motorbike as we'll be also riding on public roads. We do not check your license, but prior to the first driving stage, you will have to sign a declaration that you possess one and that you will ride according to your experience and capabilities and entirely on your responsibility. In case of an emergency, the insurance company might require you to present your valid driver's license.

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14th - 23rd January 2021



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testimonial2An unforgettable experience, always remembered with joy. Desert impressions get imprinted deep into the memories and all person that hasn't experienced that, missed something in their life.

~ Robert Brajdih

testimonial2There are things you dream of in your life and those you make true. Tilen, thank you for doing the following... you made my yeras-long dreams true... that is, to conquer the desert! Tunisia 2012 will remain in my memories for ever while looking forward to my next expedition in your organization, Tilen. :) 

~ Rožle Rogelj

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