However, it wasn't the beauties of Liguria which brought me here. It was our German-Karst-Omani product which sailed into the port of Genoa on April 2nd. Customs procedures ware triggered yesterday, the truck will head for Slovenia on Thursday. It is there where the real job will start.

I have been neglecting you, the non-Slovenian readers, for quite some time. The translations have been mainly done, only some details, which aren't that important at this point, are still due for translation. Retroceding a couple of pages you can see what has been happening and understand that unfortunately keeping the page in a good shape and absolutely up-to-date was not my top priority.

If you need any translations, head for the Alkemist Translation Agency. They are on a new location in the heart of Ljubljana now, where they organized a great party last Friday. The kind of party which gives you new energy for the upcoming  challenges. :)