With this post, the chapter “Transafrica 2007/08”, renamed to “Iran & Arabia”, is more or less closed. I still owe you the Saudi Arabian story where not everything was black. The story will most probably be published in one of the Slovenian printed media. You can also count on articles in the City Magazine, Playboy, the magazines Osebnost, Jana, Avto Dom, and others. You will be able to follow the repair or the customization of the Iveco 110-16 in the topic already set up, but not with weekly frequency. Those among you who haven’t been following regularly can watch the scenes of the traffic accident that caused the suspension of the trip in “The Journey is over”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors that have accepted the fact that the trip was suspended with understanding and have not withheld their support. Trgotehna and Iveco remain stead-fast in resolving the situation.

The publication in the printed and electronic media will be regularly added to the “Media corner” folder. David returned to Spain just in time to catch the parliamentary elections, thus adding his pebble to the election outcome. Arthur is heading to Slovenia. Other travellers I met on the road will also be happy to receive your attention. And as always, I thank you, my readers, for following my adventures.


Do not dream your life.

Live your dreams.